Finulite Cellulite Cream

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Finulite Cellulite Cream

Finulite - The End to Cellulite AM/PMGuest post by Rhiannon

New skin care products are always popping up on my radar, and as an avid junkie of all things that might make my skin look better, I'm always on the lookout for the latest lotions and potions. Especially ones that promise to reduce cellulite. So I was really surprised when I stumbled across Finulite - the End to Cellulite AM/PM -- I'd never heard of this stuff, and I thought I'd heard of everything. Even more weird, I found out that this stuff is a bestselling item on Amazon, with mostly 5-star reviews. Huh.

So of course, I ordered some to try it out. My cellulite is what I'd call around a 2 or 3 in severity on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is the most severe. So, not awful, but my legs could certainly look better, and as some of you know, I will never give up my mission for a cellulite free body! I'm fighting those lumps tooth and nail, I tell you.

The package arrived last week and I've been applying it diligently ever since. Finulite comes in two separate bottles: One you put on in the morning right when you wake up, and the other you put on in the evening right before bed. They contain theophylline, the super-ninja-cellulite-fighting ingredient that is similar to aminophylline, but is apparently more potent and better able to shrink fat cells. We shall see about that.

So, after a week's use, what's the verdict? Both bottles of Finulite have a pleasant smell and a nice consistency, and I noticed after about day 3 that at least my skin felt much softer and smoother than before. So that's promising. Is my cellulite improving? Possibly, but I'd say the jury is still out, because you're supposed to use this stuff for at least a month to see real results. One gal of Amazon commented:

"Suprisingly, I noticed subtle results within the first week. Now, after 5 weeks of regular use, the visual changes are amazing. My skin is noticeably smoother, with more resilience, elasticity and firmness. It's almost like I have NEW skin! Also, most of my divets/dimples have disappeared and the few that left are barely noticeable (if I keep this up I'm sure they'll disappear too)."

That sounds pretty exciting, so I'm going to keep on diligentily using my Finulite, and I'll report back in another 3 weeks or so to let you know my results.

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